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Martha is a trailer (caravan or, if you prefer), born in 1989, model Roller One 350. It has 3 beds, a small bathroom, a refrigerator, the stove to cook, and especially a rind hard enough to allow it to withstand thousand holidays of all its owners never suffer.

It weighs only 500 kg, and you carry around happily even by small cars.

Daniele Angelini


Daniel is a web designer, created the site and is responsible for its maintenance and all aspects of professional technical and boring.

When he is not around Italy, he worked as UX designer in a company that deals mainly with graphics and web developments.

And ‘avid sport fishing and camping trips as a child.

It ‘also the happy owner of Martha from February 2015.

Silvia Blasi



Silvia is a consultant for Business Intelligence, lives in Rome and has spent all his childhood summers at camp.

Despite being a graduate from DAMS, now working with computers, but his free time is divided between books, music, writing and of course travel.

In addition to writing for HappyLittleCaravan, he deals with a blog, wrote articles for an online magazine of music, and writes book reviews on his profile Anobii.

His hips are (almost) all the photos of the site.

La Clio


“Born” at the end of 2003, he landed in the hands of Silvia in 2007.

Their story is initially a bit ‘painful: the Clio is involved in some accident of little consequence, but that has ruined a bit’ the dress. Recently, it was given a new bumper gray that goes well with the white body.

Martha tows with bravado and security, except in prolonged climbs, where after a while ‘labors and becomes slightly warm.

It has a motor Dci 1500 by 65 horses, and consumes a negligible amount of diesel despite his age and some ailment.

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