Which pots choose for camping?


When you travel by caravan or camper, space optimization becomes one of the most important factors to worry about.

The pots, being very voluminous and usually very heavy, represent one of the most critical factors: for this reason, the research have to move towards a product that is easy to stack, made in good functional materials, and well usable in the small stoves that usually are available in a caravan or in a camper.

The product that we would like to strongly suggest, the one that we use in our caravan with satisfaction, is the kitchen set of Quechua. It fully responds to all the features listed above, including a very high space optimization, achieved thanks to foldable handles on each piece.

pentole campeggio impilate

The set is produced in anodized aluminum, and is therefore particularly resistant to shocks; besides, its total weight is just 1.1kg.

We tried the pots in different situations, and the various sizes of the pots let you cook for 2 people in smaller pans, or 1kg of pasta for 10 people in the biggest one, so it brilliantly passed the test and proved to be an essential purchase for anyone looking for a kitchen set for caravan that is versatile, durable and lightweight at the same time.

pentole campeggio quechua

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