Three peaks of Lavaredo

Lavaredo - Tre Cime

Tre Cime di Lavaredo

Reach the base of the Three Peaks is an experience to do at least once in their lifetime. And once you get there, what stops you from completing the circular walk around the 3 peaks? Maybe four hours of grueling trek that seems always and only in salitissima (even if it is not true)?

By assiduous and until a few years ago, exclusive sea-goer, I thought I would right a hike like that, without any kind of training or proper shoes; but above all, I was afraid that it was worth it.

But not only I have faced calmly, but I liked it so much that we are back after just two years.
And I can not wait to go back, maybe next time remaining to sleep at Rifugio Locatelli: it seems that the gift of sunrise and sunset colors if possible even more spectacular than you’ll see in the daytime.

There are three ways, in summer, to reach the Auronzo Hut (2,320 m.), That is the starting point of that thousands of people each year take speechless (with amazement or fatigue!):
– You ‘can ascend comfortably with his car, but there is a toll to pay really high (24 euro per car in the summer of 2015) disguised as a car park (like the fact that parking can justify a request so greedy ).
Attention to the road: the bends are very wide, but the slope is quite extreme, and will even coaches and buses. We have seen a Volkswagen trudging very hard going.
– On Lake Misurina, the Despar, you can buy tickets for the bus (much cheaper: a regular bus ticket + an “integration” of EUR 2) which passes right in front of the supermarket. Note the departure times: no bus trunk and not run every five minutes;
– If you are feeling adventurous, you can even let you all walk to Misurina. And I consider myself a lot but there invidierei all.

Once arrived all’Auronzo, begins the hike true! Looking at the entrance of the refuge, head right and take that path giant and totally flat (101) that opens before your eyes. Beautiful, is not it? But do not you become accustomed too, because once easily reached Rifugio Lavaredo, above you torreggerrano the Three Peaks. Do not be put off now that we begin to rise! Breathe quietly, and take the right path to get to the base of the Peaks. The alternative is a path that, with his back to the shelter, to your left side, more or less under the top small is definitely much shorter but has a slope very busy (always to the standard-of-town people, obviously).

Arriving at the base of the Three Peaks, resume breath, you do a lot of great photos, and then continue towards the Locatelli. With very relaxed pace and with frequent stops for photos & admiration of the wonderful scenery, in less than an hour you will come to the majestic Rifugio Locatelli.


Rifugio Locatelli – 2450m

If you started in the morning and you took a trip with the relaxation that you deserve, it should be time for lunch!
Unlined your picnic or eat at the entrances to the shelter usually crowded restaurant (mind: in June 2015 the shelter was closed for renovation: informed well before climbing without groceries, or you’ll have to go to the next or go back to the hut Lavaredo) .

While digested, take a ride around the Locatelli and discover the presence of these two beautiful alpine lakes, one blue and one green, set like two jewels in the landscape of his already charming.

Tre Cime Lavaredo Locatelli Lago

Do not miss the chance to take pictures crazy: everywhere you turn, you will see a view that is worth to be framed in the living room.

Now that you’re refreshed and enjoy the sun (if you said good), shoulder and legs spread on the path 105!

Here the situation is quite difficult, because the path descending a winding very narrow and very steep, to go up soon after in a very abrupt and very prolonged:

Tre Cime di Lavaredo - Risalita

Once at the top, everything becomes easy, fear not! Even you meet the hut Langalm, that is not a haven (you can not sleep), but serves delicious authentic dishes and homemade yoghurts.
A little further on begins the last part of the ring around the Three Peaks: for vertigo sufferers can be as long, but do not panic because the trail is fairly wide and in fact will last fifteen minutes. Grin: you are almost at the car park!

Finally you can go up on the bus or on your machine and take off your shoes, already anticipating the lavish and gargantuan dinner that you deserve after this experience that really incredible from all points of view and certainly there will be left indifferent .

To close, shed some advice (and probably not exhaustive): cover yourself (in June we found snow) with clothing easy to insert and remove (during the steep slopes, you will need levarvi several layers), pack some snacks, possibly chocolate, and lots of water; wear comfortable shoes (no need mountain boots, but not venturing with sandals) and remember the sunscreen!
I also found useful trekking poles: I did the trip without, first, and the second had an amazing time because they help a lot to balance the effort between legs and arms especially uphill. I used those low-end taken by Decathlon and I got an amazing time.

But above all remember to check the condition of the path and shelters, and above all the weather: rare, but not impossible, to cross snow even in late June.

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