Observatory Max Valier (Cornedo – BZ)

consiglio osservatorio

The observatory Max Valier is located at 1350 meters above sea level in the province of Bolzano and is a very valuable idea for those who are looking for a special experience and instructive.

E ‘consists of a 6 meters high dome in which the telescope is placed, an observation deck and a conference room in which they start the tour.
The structure offers the opportunity to participate in guided tours of interactive (by reservation).

The routes are divided into two distinct phases: the first purely theoretical in which an attendant will make a small overview on astronomy (duration 40min) while the second allows entry into the telescope dome where all participants will have the opportunity to observe bodies celestial, nebulae, stars (depending on weather conditions).

It ‘was this second part to us impressed, certainly not happen every day to observe the sky with a telescope, let alone with a motorized within a 6 meters high dome.

The staff who will accompany you on this tour is staffed entirely by volunteers and patiently answer every doubt or curiosity of young and old.
Ultimately, if you are fond of astronomy or simply looking for a new experience we would highly recommend a stop at the observatory Max Valier.


Tel.: +39 0471 361314
Monday and Thursday, from 8.00 – 12.00 e 14.00 – 17.00
Friday dalle ore 8.00 – 12.00


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