Martha – Roller One 350



I am Marta a caravan Roller One 350.
Are the inspiration for this site since I’m with those two, their life is completely changed: just think of me, and even though they are of the campers were born, before you knew used only tents.
Are a Roller One 350, weight only 500 pounds and my driving current is a 1500 Clio dCi 65 HP 2003 is a bit ‘anzianotta and suffers a bit’ on the climbs prolonged, but I am so petite that together nothing scares us (almost).



All items of Happy Little Caravan refer to me, the accessories, the changes, the places we visited together and then also to the difficulties that we have encountered in the paths or maneuvering.
While I was “born” in 1989, I am still flawless: my refrigerator, my electrical system, the gas and discharges water work fine. I have no seepage from the windows, and my first owner made me tar bottom. They are also very well insulated and, although I have a stove, I would be prepared for it.
My interior, upholstery and cushions are still beautiful and clean, and all doors are fully functional!
And although I am only 3.5 meters long, my owners are great to wander with me; Daniele, who is tall 1.85, can not sleep quietly in the Latvian double. I would also have a bunk bed that fits over the individual, but Silvia and Daniel always keep the rear seating with coffee table, and rarely assemble large dinette, which usually remains open as a Latvian.
I have both a veranda Nova, probably antique but never mounted if not from my current owners, an awning regalatoci parents of Daniel, made for a caravan longer but it works fine on me:



To learn more about my equipment and my accessories, regularly consulted in the category Accessories & Tuning, and you can follow our trips Destinations & itineraries (as well as convenient on the map), and camps that I visited on Camps.

Have a good trip!

Buon viaggio!


Silvia Blasi

Silvia is a Business Intelligence Consultant, lives in Rome and has spent all her childhood summer on camping. Although he graduated from DAMS, he now works with computers, but his free time is divided into books, music, writing and of course travel. In addition to writing for HappyLittleCaravan, he deals with a blog, wrote music articles for an online headline, and wrote books reviews on his Anobii profile.

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