Lake Dobbiaco (Dobbiaco – BZ)

Lake Dobbiaco (Toblacher See) is 1200 meters above sea level and is small; anyway, its clear water and the surrounding path make it a pleasant and relaxing summer trip.


Lake Dobbiaco is located in the South of the town that gave it its name. You can reach it by foot from Camping Olympia, with about an hour walk both on the street or on the path.

It’s between two beautiful natural parks, the Tre Cime Park and the Fanes-Seies-Braies Park.

It’s particular due to the presence, on the South of the lake, of a swamp (wet) area, not common in an Alpine region.

Cigni sul lago di Dobbiaco

On the path surrounding the Lake Dobbiaco you can find 11 information boards about flora and fauna, plus some interactive board for children. In the swamp area, through some wooden little bridges, you can go down and feel the (freezing!) temperature of creeks that flow into the lake.

In the middle of the path there’s a nice wooden bridge: here you can look up to the lake and the surrounding mountains, and also take some great picture.

Pontiletto - Lago di Dobbiaco

You can see some foolhardy person diving in the lake, but its temperature is too much cold (at least in my opinion). We tried to dangle our feet, in July, and after few seconds we were freezing.

To better enjoy the lake, you can rent a rowboat near to the bar.

Lago di Dobbiaco - Cigno

A fun fact: standing on the big bridge crossing the creek, after arriving to the path from the main street, you can see trout waiting for you to drop something…possibly food!

The path surrounding the Lake Dobbiaco, instead of the one around Braies, is very easy and flat, so you can easily walk on it even with buggies; it’s really for everyone!

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