Lake Bled, a pearl in the heart of Slovenia (Bled, Slovenia)

At the beginning of our trip in Slovenia, we planned to go at the camping on lake Bohinj but, as every traveller knows, when you’re free from reservations and deposits, you can just stop in a place you like: that’s what happened to us when we saw the amazing lake Bled.

Lago e Castello di Bled

Like every Slovenian lake and river, the small lake Bled has a colour so beautiful that it seems almost unnatural: seen from above on a cloudy day, it has a dark green colour; seen in daylight, its colour is a bright emerald green. It makes wide open the eyes!

In front of lake Bled you can find a very big camping (we will review it later!): we stayed there for the entire trip, dedicating ourselves to naturalistic excursions, avoiding instead the big cities.

In the north-east of the lake, a water thermal spring keeps the summer temperature stable (23° C): not bad for a lake nestled between woods and mountain!

Lago di Bled dal Castello di Bled

The Bled castle, standing on a cliff overlooking the lake, and the little Bled Island, in the middle of the lake and accessible only with a vessel (or swimming, if you can do it…), make you feel like you’re in a fairy-tale.

Instead of swimming, we chose to rent a rowing boat: a romantic and funny experience, especially for people who don’t use often boats, rows and busy landings!

Lago di Bled

The lakeside has much to offer: little beaches, beach umbrellas, deckchairs, canoe, kayaks and sup rental services, children pools. Don’t miss a walk on the circular trail surrounding the lake: it’s a 6 km street that lets you find out every shade of this fairy beautiful lake.

Negative sides? The town of Bled rides the popularity of its lake: on the east river, two big hotels clash with the natural landscape, the wild forests and the mountains. In the town you can find a lot of tourist-catching, expansive restaurants. Same for hotels and sleeping accommodations.

This lake is one of the most famous sites in Slovenia: that’s why it can be very crowded in the peak season, because it’s just a few hours far from Trieste.

We spent there our six days in Slovenia, and it was already crowded but still liveable on the first week of July. The choice of a camping has drastically reduced our accommodation costs. Anyway it’s a great idea to make a trip in this region in middle season, possibly on June, when weather is mild and let you swim in the lake.

If you don’t like swimming, you can just make a spring or autumn trip to enjoy a peaceful atmosphere and more affordable prices!

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