Heat caravans and campers without using a stove? Here’s an idea for you!

riscaldare caravan camper

How many of you have needed to heat their caravan or camper without having a stove? And how many of you have faced a power failure or a burnt fuse after having turned on something like a little portable stove?

Unluckily it happened to us more than one time, especially during the early period after we bought Martha! And it’s a bigger problem if your vehicle has not heating and you have to handle with cold night temperatures (do you remember the frost Camping Horror Story on August?).

After some research and first-hand tests (temperatures of 7°C here) we finally found a solution that allows us a quick heating with low-energy consumption, without triggering the power generator and killing prematurely one of your fuses.

Let’s stop gabbing, we’re using with satisfaction a fan heater, the Bimar Mini S501: you can find it here.

It’s a very little and compact product, perfect for small vehicles but suitable for places up to 10 sqm.

Clearly it’s not a rapid heating system, because it’s a portable low-energy consumption solution, so be patient for few minutes after switching on it and enjoy the warm! It’s also a great emergency solution, even for unusual bitter cold situations: a cooler night on April, a very rainy day on November; but it’s not appropriate, of course, to go skiing on January.

The heat produced by this fan heater cannot be configured: it is produced depending on outdoor temperatures; it can draw a maximum of 500 watts, so even the older power generators of Italian campsites can support it.

But this product is perfect for our holidays also thanks to its shutdown system in case of roll-over, so you can avoid unpleasant accidents: at the bottom you can find a little pushbutton that turns off by itself the fan heater when it is not anymore in a vertical position: it’s a great functionality for an object used on vehicles…in motion!

One last, but not least, plus point: it has a very reasonable cost and you can’t miss a product with a great price/performance ratio like this one.

In summary, if you’re campers and your vehicle has not a heating system, why don’t you try this little, cheap, coloured and easy (I would say also friendly) fan heater?

Daniele Angelini

Daniele is a web designer, has created the site and takes care of its maintenance and all the technical and boring technical aspects. When he is not around for Italy, he works as an UX designer in a company that mainly deals with graphics and web development. He is passionate about sport fishing and camping trips as a child.

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