Fiamma Pocket – Space-saving storage

Pocket Fiamma

Pocket Fiamma

The Fiamma Pocket  is a compartment specially designed for campers and caravans.

The beauty of the Flame Pocket is the simplicity and cleanliness of the line, but that the quality of the plastic: it really gives the impression of being able to last forever.

We have chosen the measure’s why we needed a “bedside”, next to the bed, which was large, but that allowed us to open and close the cabin, and above all to get into the sofa without interfering, but there are also the size L (very nice and roomy, in gray, but the size is a bit ‘too generous for modest spaces of Martha) and M (we are not convinced that there is a “pocket” and that no one can hold objects while driving).

Here’s what the Flame Pocket with dinette open:

Fiamma Pocket

Fiamma Pocket – Dinette

And here instead as it becomes the ideal solution for perfect bedside:

Fiamma Pocket

Fiamma Pocket – Comodino

On the site of the Flame costs EUR 8.00, and for spending so little of it is really worth!
Already comes with screws, which will seem silly but it really is a great convenience, especially for those who, like us, is keen to see improvements on their vehicles and maybe working in the office, you must wait for the weekend to get the tools .
But attention to the length of the screws: When we installed it, and tighten up the screw tip came out the other side of the panel. We do not care because it is the inside of the refrigerator and came out of a millimeter, but be careful with the thin panels: before proceeding with the tightening, measured the screws!

Already after the first use we would like to advise him dispassionately, given its low price, simple aesthetics and its real use.

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