Caravan or Camper?

caravan sfida camper

caravan sfida camper

Caravan or camper? The debate is now history, and probably been around since them, our beloved “recreational vehicles”.

Having said that, for us, the choice of the caravan has been discussed enough and painful, we’ll explain why in the end we rejected the idea camper.

The main reason is money!
From all points of view possible and imaginable, a motor home costs much more than a trailer, which does not have an engine to maintain or insurance to pay. And there seems little?
What’s more, the consumption of diesel / petrol car towing a caravan small and light as ours is ridiculous compared to the consumption of a camper.
And also: penny of the purchase price is not comparable between the two media, since you do not have to worry too much age of a caravan: unless both wet areas, a well kept caravan will have no further problems arising from simple gear or wear of the engine.
Last but not least: we have two wheels less to maintain!

The other consideration that led us to prefer a small roulottina as Martha is the ability to use their car on vacation. This need comes first from our “laziness”, visceral hatred for the public transportation that we have to use every day in a city like Rome, and perhaps even the habit of years and years of holidays in tents always have the ‘cars available for various tours.
Moreover, lately we have a tendency to snub the art cities and to prefer the sea, the mountains and in general contact with nature, pushing ever closer to places rarely difficult to reach by public transport.

Finally, what we need to take care of an RV is the time. We know perfectly well that a camper needs to move at least once a month, and do not always have the time (but also the desire) to get to the storage, perhaps in the middle of winter, and bring your motorcycle for a ride.

Of course, we are also fully aware of the positive sides of a motor home, namely the travel convenience, the chance to travel much longer distances taking turns driving (sleeping in the car is always more difficult than in the bed of a camper!) , of having the home always ready at any time (while in our roulottina ancient water tanks are filled and empty cans at each stop), ease of maneuvering, and being able to travel at speeds much more sustained than 70/80 km / h required by law to trailers in Italy.

And so we decided to join the clan of roulottisti or caravanners rather than CAMPER!

Daniele Angelini

Daniele is a web designer, has created the site and takes care of its maintenance and all the technical and boring technical aspects. When he is not around for Italy, he works as an UX designer in a company that mainly deals with graphics and web development. He is passionate about sport fishing and camping trips as a child.

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