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Explore our products and if you are not satisfied you can return within 30 days of your purchase for a full refund !

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We apply great care when choosing our products. They need to live up to our high standards for on-demand print and be produced by reliable suppliers under fair production conditions. When we print, a majority of the work is carried out by hand. This has allowed for applying great care to detail in the production of over 12 million custom products so far. Brilliant colour prints are guaranteed, whatever print method you go for.

Money Back:

If you are not completely happy with your order, or if something shouldn’t fit, you can always return the items within 30 days on receipt. In the event of the prints not living up to your expectation, you can always demand a faultless product or ask for getting your money back.

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  • Credit/debit card: Your credit or debit card will automatically be charged by our financial service provider ADYEN. Your order will be processed once the required verification of your data has been completed.
  • PayPal: Paying is quick and easy with PayPal, the free online payment service. At PayPal, you only need to enter your account details once during your initial registration, and thereon in it’s a matter of a few simple clicks. Your bank or credit card information is safe and will not even be passed on to us. If you pay using PayPal, we can immediately begin with the processing of your order. Further information regarding the PayPal service can be found at
  • Amazon: Use the convenient payment service of online merchant Amazon by logging in with your Amazon access data. The Amazon access data will be automatically used so that Spreadshirt can start processing your order immediately. By using the Amazon checkout, the General Terms & Conditions of Amazon Payments become effective and you can avail yourself of the advantages ofAmazon’s A-Z guarantee for buyers. Conditions of the Amazon Prime membership such as free premium delivery are not connected to this payment method.