Camping San Biagio (Manerba Del Garda – Italy): 7.8/10

Camping San Biagio is located on the Brescia side of Lake Garda and includes the little island of San Biagio, or Isola dei Conigli.

San Biagio

  • 8/10
    Camping’s general condition - 8/10
  • 8/10
    Services&Location - 8/10
  • 9/10
    Hygiene&Cleanliness - 9/10
  • 10/10
    Accessibility - 10/10
  • 4/10
    Price&Extras - 4/10


Average Score:


General Overview: 2/2

Camping San Biagio is the typical campsite of Northern Italy, very nice and cared in all aspects.

Pitches: 4/6

The camping hosts five different kinds of pitches, from the smaller one for Igloo tents to the largest ones on the lake’s shore. There are a lot of trees, not very big, some areas are sunnier than others. Pitches are well defined and flat. We had some problems in pitching the awning, but light connections are well placed. In my opinion there’s a lack of fountains.

General maintenance: 2/2

Everything gives the impression of a great care, even the flower-beds and fencings.


Location: 2/2

The Lago di Garda can speak for itself. The special feature of the camping is surely the little island called Isola dei Conigli, owned by Camping San Biagio and accessible – by feet, walking through the water – only from the camping.

– Market: 1/2

Well-stocked, at very high prices: there aren’t other affordable markets at walking distance from the camping.

– Pool: 2/2

Ok, the pool does not exist. But you have the entire lake for swimming!

– Restaurant: 1/2

The camping hosts a restaurant: we did not try it but prices seemed pretty high to us.

Animation: 2/2

For the joy of everyone, no trace of animation.


 Bathroom: 3/3
Camping San Biagio is not so big and has just one bathroom area, always very clean.

Hot water: 2/2

You can always find free hot water everywhere in the camping.

– Showers: 2/2

Free hot water, big and useful showers.

Bathroom suites and setting: 1/1

Toilet paper, soap and towels available.

– Other type of cleanliness: 1/2 

Dish-washing and laundry sinks was always very clean.


– Position: 3/3

Camping San Biagio boasts an excellent position because it owns the beautiful Isola dei Conigli. It occupies a strip of land surrounded on three sides by the amazing Lake Garda. A great number of pitches has direct access to the water. Thanks to its position, we easily visited the Vittoriale degli Italiani and the Catullo Caves.

– Inner roadways: 2/2 

Inner little streets are large enough, with wide room for manoeuvre.

– Highway accessibility: 2/2

Despite the one-way streets surrounding the camping can confuse also the GPS and despite uphill and narrow bends, the real problem is the traffic and the very high bumps you find when you go through towns. No real obstacles or problems.

– Tourist information: 1/1

In the reception you can find a lot of tourist brochures: the girl at the reception desk literally covered us with brochures and detailed maps with activities, excursions, sport and anything else available within 100 km.

Wi-Fi: 1/2

You can find a free Wi-Fi, but we couldn’t access with the log on credentials we had from the receptionist.


– Staff: 2/2 

The staff was very professional and kind: reception, bar, cleaning staff, everyone.

Prices: 1/5

The campsite is great and you have to pay for it, maybe too much (despite prices are in line with the other campsites in this area).

Extras: 1/2

A little playground for kids, some common space, no big deal.

Martha extra score: Yes/No   No

Despite the little island, the beauty of the lake and the kindness of the staff, Camping San Biagio has too much high prices and is far away from the town (so, sometimes, you have to buy in the really expansive camping market, even if you don’t want to). Furthermore, you have to pay (a lot!) for the actual electricity consumption. This issue and the impossibility of using Wi-Fi lead us not to give the extra score.

Reviewing period: July 2017

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