Camping Bled (Bled – Slovenia): 7.6/10

Camping Bled is located on the western shore of the beautiful Lake Bled, just a street separates the camping from it.

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    Camping’s general condition - 5/10
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    Services & Location - 10/10
  • 8/10
    Hygiene & Cleanliness - 8/10
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    Accessibility - 9/10
  • 6/10
    Price & Extras - 6/10


Average Score:

Lago di bled


– General Overview: 1/2

Camping Bled is a good campsite, even if overly busy (at least in the summer) and with some lack we will see deeply in the next points.

– Pitches: 3/6

The camping and some pitches are not flat. Our pitch was very small, full of mud and far away from the power generator. Pitch the tent was a difficult task for us. Well shaded.

–  General maintenance: 1/2We wasted an afternoon looking for electricity, because of the lack of generators and a lot of broken connections. In short it’s a camping too much busy and in need of a bigger professional staff.



– Location: 2/2

Nothing to complain: the lake is magnificent and a perfect location for visiting most of the popular sites in Slovenia.

– Market: 2/2

It is located outside the camping and it’s big enough and with affordable prices. It has very long opening hours (until 9 pm on summer, very convenient).

– Pool: 2/2

There is not a real inner pool, but the beautiful Lago di Bled takes on the needs of every kind of swimmer!

– Restaurant: 2/2

Like the market, it is outside the camping. Convenient prices and good dishes.

– Animation: 2/2

For the joy of everyone, no trace of animation.



 Bathroom: 3/3
Despite it is highly attended, camping bathrooms was always fairly clean.

– Hot water: 1/2 

It was enough in showers and sinks, unluckily missing in external sinks used for laundry and dishes (you can feel the difference on evening).

– Showers: 2/2

Pretty large, free, with providing excellent hot water.

–Bathroom suites and setting: 1/1

I found soap and toilet paper in the central bathrooms.

– Other type of cleanliness: 1/2 

Dish-washing sinks was not very clean, ever, but the worst part is the bin for food wastes, without a cover, stinking and attracting bee swarms.



– Position: 3/3

Camping Bled boasts an excellent position for enjoying the Lake and the great number of popular sites of Slovenia, like the Castello di Bled, the Gole di Vintgas, the Castello di Predjama, the Grotta di Postumia to name just a few of the most famous.

– Inner roadways: 1/2 

Inner little streets are large enough but check-in and check-out are horribly handled: stuck vehicles both at the entrance and the exit of the camping, and there is nowhere to pull over.

– Highway accessibility: 2/2

Slovenian highways are always a work in progress, but with a great management. Also the main road that leads to the camping is ok.

– Tourist information: 1/1

Asking for an info at the reception desk is hardly possible due to the great people accumulating in the camping. However, you can find a lot of information brochures.

– Wi-Fi: 2/2

Pretty good for a free Wi-Fi (the best of the last campsites we visited, anyway).



– Staff: 1/2 

We had to do the average between receptionist, that drove us crazy for having electricity, and the boy who helped us to solve this problem after a wasted half day.

– Prices: 3/5

It’s the only camping overlooking on the most famous Slovenian attraction, so we think prices are affordable enough.

–  Extras: 2/2

The camping hosts pretty courts, some playgrounds for children and…sinks for dog-bathing: even for this reason only, they deserve two cuddly points!

Martha extra score: Si/No   No

Our electrical unfortunate experience, solved after a coming and going to the reception lasted one entire afternoon, and the hornet’s nests near to the dish-washing sinks were more unconvincing.

Reviewing period: July 2017

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