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Cala Gonone can be reached from Olbia by car in an hour and a half, the street is quiet, except for the final stretch.
Ogliastra being the place where “the sea meets the mountains”, when you arrive in Dorgali have to go down the side of the mountain with 7 hairpin not exactly pleasant. So be careful with campers and caravans, especially to climb and if the means are not in very good condition.

Cala Gonone is a small village that summer is filled with tourists, but not at the level of the Costa Smeralda. There are nightclubs and yachts from 30 meters moored outside the harbor; There are so many families, but also many young men (for BOYS mean 30’s without children).
On the waterfront promenade you eat well, we tried several restaurants that did not seem too luxurious and we always had to eat very well and so, without spending figures never excessive.
In addition, if you are equipped to cook, inside the village there are several supermarkets with decent prices.

In Cala Gonone there is a marina, where boats leave for the main bays of the Gulf of Orosei. Near the harbor there is a beach of white stones. Nothing fancy, is the closest to the campsite and is quite crowded with small families because the gulf has beautiful water (as everywhere) and there are too many rocks.

To find something more interesting, just go down to the waterfront and walk to the right: there begin the beaches with sand or pebbles. It is noticeable that, despite the beach is sandy, just entered the water there are almost only rocks, so the beaches are frequented by children. In addition, if you have a mascheraccia and scarpettine to walk on the rocks (they are fundamental, buy them at shops even gift as soon as you arrive: costanto not even 10 euro) you can spend beautiful mezzorette exploring the cliffs. The water is quite cold, I have to say, but there are plenty of fish, algae, sea urchins, sea cucumbers and tomatoes, polyps, anemones … So do not be bored.
This type of beach, with sand and rocks in the water, there is something for the whole waterfront. The last on the far right (looking at the sea) is also animated. Not I recommend it, even if in water there are HUGE inflatables, canoes and pedal boats for rent.
None of these beaches is equipped, are free and there are no cabins or showers or bathrooms (but just go back on the road of the promenade that is lined with small bars and cafes).

If you want to see a really nice part of the coast, instead of going to the right on the seafront, down to the small port of Cala Gonone and keep walking to the left, past the harbor.

You will find a cliff that goes on out of sight at the foot of a rocky hill. If you look at the water near the rocks, you might notice a streak of green in the blue amazing: what is the point in which arrives a freshwater stream that leads directly into the sea. Very very effective.
If you are fond of photography (and who is not now) the sea at this point takes on all shades of blue, blue and green that you can imagine. Probably some more.
By following the easy path on the hillside (do not miss the source, if you get off the rocks it will be difficult to continue the path, try to stay on the path), you can get to the nudist beach, but it’s pretty far away, so do not worry and continue until you find a spot of shade.
The shadow is not up to 17.30 I think, but if you look hard enough, there are the rocks forming a beautiful natural grotto, is reached by a twenty minute walk (less) just before the beach of naturists.
The place is practically deserted, if you see someone who ventures usually go to the beach for naturists in the bottom, so it is very likely that you find yourself totally alone in a paradise of green water, hidden in small caves and fish chasing each other in the water, There are natural wading pools, beautiful places to fish with the rod tip (there are some nice glances quite considerable size, very fun to pull up).
But especially careful because, in addition to the mini-grotto mentioned, there is no other shade virtually all day, and being the place a cliff, hardly able to plantings of an umbrella.
This stretch of cliffs is truly a paradise on earth. Bring lots and lots of water and plenty of food around because there is nothing at all, you should go back to Cala Gonone what if you need anything.
From the port of Cala Gonone you can rent dinghies or take one of the many ferries that depart often to nearby coves (Cala Luna, Cala Sisine, the Bue Marino, Cala Mariolu etc).

Silvia Blasi

Silvia is a Business Intelligence Consultant, lives in Rome and has spent all her childhood summer on camping. Although he graduated from DAMS, he now works with computers, but his free time is divided into books, music, writing and of course travel. In addition to writing for HappyLittleCaravan, he deals with a blog, wrote music articles for an online headline, and wrote books reviews on his Anobii profile.

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4 Responses

  1. Boris says:

    Thank you for your article.
    If it’s easy for you, could you publish a map with an approximate route?
    Or, if possible, at least roughly indicate the point to must reached on the map?
    Thank you in advance.

    • Silvia Blasi says:

      Hi Boris, there is a map at the end of the article, with a blue pointer that leads to the city of Cala Gonone.
      Do you need some other information? Let us know!

      • Boris says:

        Hi, Silvia.
        I’m interested in how to get to the nude beach, about which you tell in your article. I carefully and several times read your recommendations on how to choose the road:
        «By following the easy path on the hillside (do not miss the source, if you get off the rocks it will be difficult to continue the path, try to stay on the path), you can get to the nudist beach, but it’s pretty far away».

        But, unfortunately, I still could not understand where this beach is.
        On the map, I found only the beach, which is called CALA CARTOE.
        But it seems to me that you did mean not this beach.
        I ask you to excuse me for a lot of questions.

  2. Silvia Blasi says:

    Dear Boris, unfortunately I never reached that beach (the nudist beach I mean) because I stopped before, but if you are in Cala Gonone city and watching towards the sea, you just need to go to your left, and pass the harbour, then you just have to walk like, A LOT!
    You will see a small path on your left, take that and follow the signs to the nudist beach. I think is going to be a long walk under the sun, so bring a lot of water and possibly leave early in the morning!
    Hope this can help you!

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