5 worst habits of Animation in camping

Animation, in campsites, usually must entertain all guests that are not interested in visiting surrounding areas and spend most of their time inside the campsite or the holiday village.

The most appreciated service is often mini club for children, so they can socialise and have fun away from their parents, but supervised by energetic young girls able to follow even the highly animated kids!


Unfortunately, sometimes animation can disturb the wish of peace and relax of camping’s guests. We live in a busy and noisy city, Roma, so when we come back from an excursion we’re not very happy to find loud noises from animation (or night club…); until we can avoid these “social events” and escape in our quiet and homey place (a tent, caravan, bungalow or camper), we have no problems with the animation.

But can you always escape from animation? Dear friends, NO! Do you remember the Camping Horror Story of 15th August? Thinking about situations like this one, we made a list of the more disturbing habits of camping animations.

5 – CONTAMINATION. It’s in the last place ranking because we don’t care so much about it and it does not bother us, but a guest who does not take part to the “camping life” is often judged as an anti-social dangerous person and spends his entire holiday under suspicion. I should mention that, after having labelled you as a MARSICAN BEAR, they probably will give you your space. However, you can take the risk to be bothered with the next point:

4 – INSISTENCE. Sometimes looking fiercely and avoiding every kind of interaction with the joyful animators can let the staff think you are a personal challenge. That’s when you’re in trouble. You will probably change campsite before the insistence turns into stalking forcing you to take part to a theme Hawaii Dancing Night or to a Karaoke only dedicated to Gigi D’Alessio.

3 – ANIMATION GUYS ANNOYING YOUNG GIRLS. Well, I know many of you could think it’s not a big deal, but I remember my experience as a young girl (between 13 and 18 years old) spending the whole summer in the same campsite and still now, sometimes, I shudder when I see self-confident animation guys (generally over 18 years of age) with their “prominent position” in the village annoying unarmed young girls devoted to them.

2 – GAME APERITIF. Please, please, I’m begging you: what drives you embarrassing yourself in front of the whole camping with this games that not even 5 years old children would like to play? Collecting falling sticks, doing tricks with glasses and balls, tell me, is it so funny? Our game aperitif aversion, unfortunately, often generates also the 5th and 4th disturbing habitudes against us.

1 – THE WAKE UP. Ladies and Gentlemen, the apotheosis of evilness. Why, WHY do you feel the need of wandering from pitch to pitch and waking up every camper to invite him to your morning muscle workout)? Or, even worst, screaming at 8 am from the loudspeakers the entire day program? Did we do anything terrible to you when you were children? Is any irresolvable problem between us? I must that for the 90% of our camping days we’re still outside the camp at 8 am, so we easily miss this amazing socially accepted show (but what if they were the same at our place on Sunday morning?). But when we decide to have a relaxing and lazy day inside our litter camper faraway looking the nature around us and hearing the birds singing, why we have to find a crazy boy knocking on my door and ordering me to go to the beach for his aquatic muscle workout?

Anyway, talking about this fearful and evil morning wake up, sometimes we have used an infallible strategy for door-to-door bothers (we can’t do anything about loudspeakers, unluckily). That’s our way: on the first day, when the animation guy comes at your door, go out from your tent/caravan/camper and tell him (kindly, of course, don’t be rude, like you’re joking) you will hit him with a water ball. Even on August nobody wants to be hit with a water ball at 8 am. The next morning, if he comes again, go out with a bottle full of water in your hand and say: “What did I tell you?”

It works, trust me.

Daniele Angelini

Daniele is a web designer, has created the site and takes care of its maintenance and all the technical and boring technical aspects. When he is not around for Italy, he works as an UX designer in a company that mainly deals with graphics and web development. He is passionate about sport fishing and camping trips as a child.

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