5 objects to never forget when you go on camping

I 5 oggetti da non dimenticare quando si parte per un campeggio

Even the more experienced camper, sooner or later, finds himself 800 km away from home after forgetting THAT essential OBJECT for camping. Here we will talk about very important objects, not because of their price, but because they’re irreplaceable and because of the extreme discomfort given by their lack during a more or less long camping holiday.

We have already talked about basic equipment to face a simple camping holiday with a tent, here we just made a Top 5 of objects which you can’t (or can with great difficulty) replace if you forget them at home. Everyone found himself without a “real” knife to cut the bread because it was not included in the mess kit, or without a phone charger, but these are objects that you can buy at affordable prices. Let’s see where the real discomfort hides.

5: Clothes bag: I know, it seems impossible, but it really happened and not just to one single person. Generally, it’s possible that, when more people load a camper or a car, one of them thinks that another one took his bag and vice versa. This oversight has a relative gravity: to forget two swimsuits and four t-shirts when going to the sea it’s not the same than to forget specific clothes for mountain! Anyway, in every case, your holiday will start very bad and your budget will be reduced by the need to buy again clothes and underwear.

4: Pillows: Maybe it’s not so serious for people under 25-years-old who travel around the world with a sleeping bag thanks to their youth, but for us, over 30 people, to forget our pillow is a pang of sorrow, because we know we will suffer. We will suffer a lot. For the entire holiday. Unless we spend a lot of money to buy another pillow, hoping it will be comfortable as our one, we should use a hoodie full of t-shirts, and we will sleep bad for all the holiday.

3: glasses/ contact lens / teeth braces / special drugs: This isn’t funny: if you forget a drug or something like this, you could really have to come back. If you’re lucky, maybe you could take a prescription in a local emergency doctor service, or find some glasses or contact lens with a similar prescription, but if you have more serious problems (like glasses both for astigmatism and myopia, or braces) maybe to come back could be the easier and cheaper solution. Pay attention to prescription sunglasses! It’s easy to leave wearing them and forgetting the others.

2: Coffeemaker: Nothing is tragic for Italians, slaves of morning coffee (I think they’re the majority of Italians), like to forget the coffeemaker! Yeah, you can buy another one, but how long before it can make a discreet (at least) coffee? In case of this misfortune, I recommend to find a coffee shop for breakfast instead of buying a new coffeemaker.

1: Toilet Paper: If you’re very lucky, you could reach your destination and notice its lack before the closing of shops. If you arrive at night or on time lunch, you will have to use tissues (if you have them!) or…to borrow a roll from people you don’t know! Just the idea makes me feel very uncomfortable. So, I’ll never get tired of saying and saying again it: on camping, toilet paper is THE FIRST THING to put inside your bag!

What about you? Do you agree with this top 5?

Daniele Angelini

Daniele is a web designer, has created the site and takes care of its maintenance and all the technical and boring technical aspects. When he is not around for Italy, he works as an UX designer in a company that mainly deals with graphics and web development. He is passionate about sport fishing and camping trips as a child.

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